Fitness Sports Mannequins at ZILE-DISPLAY With Quality and Stylish Design. Quality and premium at ZIEL-DISPLAY will meet most of our customers for that we have established long term business relationships with my agents and wholesalers. And our sports mannequins for sale receive high reputation from our partners. The reason why they choose our sports mannequins are that we have our own manufacturer. The mannequins production factory has a complete mold manufacturing management workshop, using the highest quality fiberglass raw materials, and with the skillful handcraft of well-trained workers, sets of different shapes of headless mannequins are produced. All types of fitness sports mannequins with headless have a solid pedestal and rippling muscles that can suit your different styles of sportswear. Male and Female Mannequins for Fiberglass Headless Sport Mannequins There are 22 models categories sports mannequins for all the headless male and female mannequins. And each of them divide into the half body headless mannequins and full body headless mannequin. If you are looking the sports mannequins that are suit for fitness with rippling muscles. We believe our fitness headless mannequins are your right choice. Some Recommendations for Using Headless Sports Mannequins in Your Store When placing the headless sports mannequins in the mall, try to place them in places where are not easily knocked down or tripped by the customers, because some of the sports mannequins with fiberglass are half bodies. If there are some accidents that the mannequins fall off, be sure to care about if the joints of some components are fixed. The sports mannequins should not be placed in direct sunlight or too strong spotlights. If they are often illuminated, the paint on the surface of the costume model will fade.