IAN Male Mannequins for sale With Best Quality

Composed by four postures, male mannequins for sale of IAN are originally designed by our designers from Ziel Display. They are handsome male mannequins with white color. Specially designed for young handsome window display. The surface of fiberglass material for mannequins can be processed as a gloss finish and a matte finish. No matter what manufacturing process we have taken, our male mannequins for sale show the high quality that must satisfy your needs.

The IAN male mannequins for sale at Ziel Display mainly adopt the process of matte finishes, and we support the custom mannequins from your orders which you need to advert the process method or positions at your disposal. IAN mannequins features the advantages of simple positions to present s sense of cool and you can match them with your outfit for styles of formal and casual.

Best Budgets of Your Orders Will Get Discounts

Ziel Display is a professional mannequins manufacturer in China that we have enough power to provide you stylish and quality male mannequins wholesale according to your demand. And you should be familiar about that the more quantities you will order, and the much discounts on those mannequins will benefit your mannequins business. And we accept the MOQ that is above 15 units. What's more, we also support your customized mannequins for sale that your minimum quantities will be above 20 units. And the new arrivals are also be informed you as quick as our new products are created.

If you are looking for a good bang for your mannequins business buck, this is it! Welcome to be our partners! Please feel free to contact Ziel Display as your cooperation partner, and tell us which model number of IAN mannequins for sale you are interested, and how many quantities you will order, your specific demands and your country, we will provide you the details including quotation and the feasibility of your orders.