Buy Female Mannequins with Faceless and Realistic Feature

Ziel-Display boasts the female mannequins for sale JANE that are made by high quality fiberglass with various postures. About the fiberglass, you should be familiar with the following knowledge. It refers to a reinforced plastic made of glass fiber or its products as a reinforcing material, called glass fiber reinforced plastic, or fiberglass. Because of the variety of resins used, it is called polyester fiberglass, epoxy glass reinforced plastic, and phenolic glass reinforced plastic. The feature of light weight and hard, non-conductive, high mechanical strength, low recycling, resistant to turbidity make the quality of female mannequin be high. The scientific name of glass fiber reinforced plastic, commonly known as FRP.

According to the needs of customers, we can flexibly design various structural female mannequins to meet the requirements of our customers. At the same time, female mannequins that come with realistic and faceless head satisfies the performance of the product, such as: corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and high strength. Those female mannequins models can meet the shape, technical requirements and product molding process for different requirements. The process of producing realistic and faceless female mannequins is simple, which can be formed at one time, and the economy is outstanding, especially for a product with a complicated shape and a small amount of molding, and the process superiority is further emphasized.

The style, shape, color, pattern and fabric of JANE female mannequins have great advantages. They can reach a deep artistic theme for different costumes, and through the image thinking, outline the performance techniques that should be selected when performing the costume. Our customized service are also available including facial expressions, temperament, tablecloths, turning, styling and other clothing models for your needs.